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Anti Ageing GLOW serum

The long-awaited NJB Ageless Anti-ageing Glow Serum has now landed at Lipcouture HQ.  It is available as a luxury addition to any of our facial we provided.  Also, the glow serum is available for you to buy a bottle of your own so you get to have that luxury feel every day.

This high-performance serum works beautifully alone or in conjunction with your other skincare routine.

The serum is infused with natural oils like Jasmin, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Astaxanthin which is one of the natures most powerful antioxidants are to name a few.

There are many benefits of adding this fantastic serum to your daily facial routine, some examples are:

  • Enhances mood, as its made from all essential oils which have many benefits.

  • Reduces the size of wrinkles

  • Improves skin micro texture

  • Improves skin elasticity

  • Strengthening the collagen layer

Hence next time you’re in our salon make sure you ask one of our friendly staff members about the new fantastic product.  Above all allowing you to buy a bottle, therefore, having that amazing glowing skin feeling every day.

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