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Chemical Peels now available at Lipcouture

Chemical Peels

Ever wonder how celebrities like the stunning Jennifer Aniston and  Gwyneth Paltrow sport wrinkle-free skin well the answer would be with the help of a chemical peel and drinking plenty of water.

A Glycolic Acid Peel  might sound harsh, but just remember a peel is removing the top layer of your skin which is basically just dead skin cells.

Just think of it as the most effective exfoliating chemicals, which will help weaken the bonds between cells of your skin top layer and effectively remove.

Peel is perfectly fine for beginners as it comes in different strength, so a beginner would start with let’s say a 20% peel. It mild and gentle on the skin.

It is perfect treatment if you want to tackle acne or acne scars, pigmentation or just to simply rejuvenate your skin appearance.

Recovery time is normally none, but if you were to have a stronger peel it will be like your face is a little sunburned.  Which will only last a few days.

Aftercare is simple keep your skin moisturised as it will get dry and flake.  We recommended after any peel to protect your fresh new skin with SPF 50.

We are glad to announce our skin specialist Tanja is now offering skin peels.

Call our lovely team today if you’re interested in booking in for a Glycolic Acid Peel treatment today.

0151 792 3499

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