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Freckles Tattoo (SPMU)

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Freckles Semi Permanent Make Up

So the fashion of freckles is on the rise. So with that in mind, Nicole Francis at Lip Couture is offering this treatment. (Liverpool's finest super salon and clinic)

Freckles create youthfulness & a sun-kissed healthy glow and are perfect for anybody who loves the look or draws them on daily.

Keep in mind that freckles aren't permanent but semi-permanent which makes this treatment perfect because who knows what look we will prefer in a few years' time. Because they're created using the same pigment that's used for eyebrows, lip blush & eyeliner, and beauty spots …….

The ink will only stay in your skin for one to three years, with nose freckles fading the slowest due to a lack of fat in the area which is where we love them the most.

Book your freckle tattoos today and stand out from the crowd in Liverpool

Prices start from just £150

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