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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Where do we begin, well let's start with our Lymph nodes, Lymph fluid, and Lymph vessels.

Our lymph system is a big network of ducts, nodes vessels, and organs that transport lymph which is a fluid that contains our white blood cells, proteins, and fats and transports it from our tissues into our bloodstream.

The lymph system is a vital line of protection against infections, Lymph nodes produce immune cells to combat infection and filter lymph fluid to remove bacteria and cancer cells from our body.

During a lymphatic drainage massage, our holistic specialist Tanja will stretch your skin in order to allow for deposits, debris, and congestion to flow from the body.

Biological Filtration System

Our lymph nodes are our bodies' biological filtration system. So by having a lymphatic Drainage Massage you can speed up the body's natural process of filtration.

You might also find you wee more after a lymphatic massage and this is perfectly normal as it's the body's natural way to remove toxins and excess fluid, some people even get a cough afterward and this is for the same reason just the body getting rid of toxins.

Lymphatic Massage can help with water retention due to the build-up of fluid. The effects of a Lymphatic Massage can last for about a month so we recommend getting one every month to keep our bodies flowing nicely and toxin-free. The massage has also been known to relieve pain levels and can reduce swelling.

This can improve the overall circulatory system, so just see it as a good old detox...

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