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Prom Packages Liverpool

Your Prom is one of the most anticipated days/evenings a girl grows up dreaming about making it one of the most significant days of your life. Here at Lip Couture is here to ensure you are relaxed and beautiful giving the the VIP treatment.

Our experienced team of hairdressers, makeup artists and beauticians will listen to all the ideas you might have and create the perfect look for you on your special prom day.

Its that one day/night to get all glammed up, spend it with your best friends and celebrate the end of school and new beginnings is a memory every girl cherishes for a lifetime.

We know how important it is to celebrate with your friends and look and feel glamorous. So let us be your fairy godmothers.

Prepping for your prom can almost feel like a part-time job in itself! That's why we've created these beautiful packages with you in mind. An we can also help you with pre skin treatments to get your skin prom ready.

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