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Scar Camouflage hiding scars in plain sight.

Scar Camouflage and repigmentation of stable vitiligo, stretch marks, and discoloured patches of skin.

What is a Scar camouflage tattoo you ask?

Well, to put it simply it's the blending of white scars with the healthy skin around it. With the use of skin-coloured tattoo pigments, they are implanted into the scar tissue that is lacking colour. The healed result calls less attention to the scars after completing the treatments and colour is restored in the scar tissue.

This treatment is particularly effective for disguising light-coloured scars, such as surgical, burn, or trauma scars, acne and chickenpox scars, or small areas of stretch marks.

The scars should be at least 1 year old and lighter in colour than the surrounding skin for safe and effective scar camouflage.

Do not expect full results in just one session: Camouflage re-pigmentation is a process, and would not work with just having one session. The procedure is performed on your unhealthy skin that has been damaged or altered in some way. We can not predict the response your skin will have - a scar or vitiligo patch may have areas that absorb pigment, reject it, or both.

The treated area will look slightly darker and red immediately after your scar camouflage tattooing session, and then we recommended it can take up to 6 weeks to show the healed colour. The desired outcome requires time and patience.

Available now by Nicole Francis at Lip Couture in Liverpool.

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