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Why do we need to patch-test our clients?

For all hairdressers, patch testing before using a hair colour is actually a legal requirement it's not just us causing you some inconvenience for fun when we say we can not do a hair colour without asking for one. This is also the case for beauty therapists, as you also need to patch-test clients before certain treatments we may do.

We also for some treatments alongside a patch test, we might need to ask our clients about any symptoms that could mean they shouldn’t have the hair or beauty service done (we're not just being nosey).

Rise in allergic reactions!

There has also been a bit of a rise in clients experiencing allergic reactions to hair dye after contracting COVID-19. So even if you have had a patch test done before we might ask for an up to date patch-test.

How we perform a hair strand test

We mix your colour and developer, we then apply it to a small section of the hair. Process for the full-time, then rinses and shampoo.

Patch-testing our beauty clients

We would normally patch test at least 24 hours before your first treatment. Cases where we might retest.

  • If you have had a change in medical history.

  • If its a new product we are using

  • It’s been more than 12 months since your last treatment

Beauty treatments which need a patch test?

  • Eyelash tint

  • Eyebrow tint

  • Lash extensions

  • Eyelash perming

  • Laser and IPL treatments

  • Semi-permanent make-up

  • Some peel treatments

This blog is a guide only...

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